6 Floor, VCCI Building, 155 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ward 7, VungTau, Vietnam
Tel: +84 254 381 6887, Fax: +84 254 362 5803
web: www.pelican-survey.com
At a short notice we are ready to mobilize for performance of the following services:
  • Positioning of drilling rigs and anchor-handling vessels during rig moving operations (DGPS)
  • Positioning of floating facilities during towing and installation (DGPS)
  • Positioning of divers and remotely operated vehicles (ROV) during subsea structures and pipelines inspection and intervention projects (DGPS, USBL)
  • Single-beam and multi-beam bathymetry and side scan sonar surveys for jack-up and semi-submersible drilling rig installation sites, coastal lines, harbors and ports (seabed featuring, wreck identification, etc) surveys
  • Magnetometry surveys (search for buried ferrous objects, submarine cables and ordnance)
  • Analog geophysical site surveys and pipeline route surveys including single-beam and multi-beam echo-sounders, side scan sonar and shallow seismic sub-bottom profiler and   magnetometer
  • Shallow soil sampling with gravity drop corer and soil samples analysis in onshore laboratory
  • Performance of field work and data quality control (QC) at similar projects.
  • ROV visual inspections
  • 3.4u inspection services
We also offer onshore services:

Data processing, interpretation and reporting

Data processing and interpretation are very often required as stand-alone services and we would be glad to render our assistance in this field. A high priority for us in data processing and interpretation is to provide a most intuitive visualization and comprehensive survey results with individual approach to each Client and specific requirements. Along with the traditional ways of data results presentation we use the latest imaging technology and 3D modeling.

Project design & engineering, equipment selection / provision / installation, survey personnel recruitment

Aside of the field works and at your specific request and with given initial requirements we can select for you the necessary set of survey equipment, recommend on the most suitable manufacturers and models, assist in purchase order compilation, perform or supervise the installation, recruit the survey or QC personnel involving all our experience in similar projects.


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