6 Floor, VCCI Building, 155 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ward 7, VungTau, Vietnam
Tel: +84 254 381 6887, Fax: +84 254 362 5803
web: www.pelican-survey.com
Pelican Co., Ltd. is a business incorporated in a cradle of Vietnam’s oil & gas industry – a beautiful city of Vung Tau by a team of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in navigation & positioning, hydrographic & land survey, and geophysical survey in SE Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia), Middle East (UAE, Qatar), Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Russia.
Our company is open for cooperation with all interested companies with whom we can achieve our goals, such as increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Currently we are working closely with companies providing equipment, crewing companies, companies owning and operating subsea equipment like ROV and other survey companies.
We work closely with major equipment manufacturers around the world and can provide the most up-to-date equipment in short time.
At the same time, we constantly increase the quantity of the equipment in Company’s property. For projects with various tasks and to the customers’ requirements we use the following systems:

  • C-Nav DGPS
  • Trimble receivers
  • Veripos DGPS
  • RTK positioning equipment
Navigation Software
  • Trimble Hydro Pro
  • EIVA
Hydrographical Equipment
  • Odom Echotrac DF 3200 MKIII (II) Dual Frequency Survey Echo-sounders
  • Reson SeaBat 7125 & 8101 Multi-beam Echo-sounders
  • R2Sonic 2022 & 2024 Multi-beam Echo-Sounders
  • Sonardyne Ranger USBL systems
  • Sonardyne Scout plus USBL systems
  • LinkQuest TrackLink USBL systems
  • Applied Acoustic EasyTrac USBL systems
Geophysical Equipment
  • C-Max CM2 side scan sonars
  • EdgeTech 4200 side scan sonars
  • Applied Acoustic AA300 boomer and Squid 
  • 2000 sparker sub-bottom profiling systems
  • GeoAcoustics GeoPulse pinger systems
  • Innomar SES2000 parametric sub-bottom profilers
  • Geometrics G882 magnetometer
  • Marine Magnetics SeaSPY magnetometer
  • CODA Echoscope MK II 3D sonar
Below is the listing of some of our projects which were successfully performed  for our Customers.
Navigation and positioning services:
  • ROV navigation & positioning during debris survey for PTSC G&S / Cuu Long JOC at Block  15-1
  • Barge & AHT navigation & positioning on-board 3 barges and 4 tugs during field construction activities for PTSC Offshore / KNOC, JVPC, Bien Dong POC, PCVL, Cuu Long JOC
  • ROV navigation & positioning during boat landing removal for PTSC G&S / JVPC at Block 15-2
  • ROV navigation & positioning during 2012 in-water survey of C1 platform for PTSC G&S/ JVPC at Block 15-2
  • ROV navigation & positioning during CALM buoy  chains renewal for PTSC G&S / Dai Hung JOC at Block 05-1A
  • ROV navigation & positioning during 2011 in-water survey and pipeline inspection for PTSC / JVPC at Block 15-2
  • ROV and divers positioning during Magnetic  Markers Installation on 110km 16” BH–LH Pipeline for Allied Marine & Equipment / PV Gas
  • ROV and divers positioning during repair clamps installation on 110km 16” BH–LH Pipeline for Allied Marine & Equipment / PV Gas
  • ROV positioning during 2011 in-water survey and pipeline and jacket inspection for PTSC G&S / Cuu Long JOC at Block 15-1
  • 3D sonar and ROV positioning during wellheads inspection for PTSC G&S / Thang Long JOC at Block 15-2/01
 QA/QC Services during Rig Move operations

  • QA/QC of positioning services during Ocean Patriot Semi-sub Rig move operations for PVD Invest / Idemitsu Oil & Gas Ltd.
  • QA/QC of positioning services during AquamarineDriller Jack-up Rig move operations for Salamander  Energy Vietnam

 Side scan sonar, bathymetry and analog geophysical surveys performed offshore Vietnam

  • Side scan sonar & swathe bathymetry survey with optional sub-bottom profiler along existing Nam  Con Son Pipeline for PTSC G&S / NCSP Operator
  • Side scan sonar & bathymetry survey with optional magnetometer, for PTSC G&S / Pearl Oil (Tephrite) Ltd. at Block 04-2
  • Analog geophysical site survey and swathe bathymetry for PTSC G&S / PVEP at Block 05.1A
  • Side scan sonar survey with optional magnetometer for PTSC G&S / Mitra Energy at  Blocks 19, 20 & 51


Personnel working in Pelican Co. Ltd. are surveyors and engineers with extensive and diverse experience in performance of all tasks starting with organizational, preparation and design activities, followed by field operations and completing with reporting and quality control work. All key personnel in our company have experience of at least 5 years of similar projects.

All staff of Pelican Co. Ltd. has perfect knowledge of English. Most of the surveyors and engineers have valuable experience working as freelancers with international companies at global market indicating a good level of professional knowledge.


Our HSE Policy is based on the true belief that any incident can be prevented.

The fundamental elements of the HSE Management System are:
  • Employees are made aware of and strictly follow our HSE system regulations
  • All field employees are enforced to wear personal protective  gear and are certified to have passed relevant basic offshore safety, induction and emergency (BOSIET) and helicopter underwater escape training (HUET) with valid medical certificates for offshore work.
  • Each employee has the obligation to interrupt an operation to prevent an incident from occurring.
Quality Control

Our Quality Management system is certified by BSI under ISO 9001:2015 Standard and is developed to ensure that our operations meet the needs of customers. We are committed to quality, customers and a willingness to work towards improving efficiency.

Membership in IMCA

Pelican Co., Ltd. is a world-wide Contractor Member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) participating in the work of the Offshore Survey Division. 
IMCA is the international trade association representing offshore, marine and underwater engineering companies and promoting good practice, particularly in the areas of health, safety and environmental standards, quality and efficiency and technical standards.



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